Quizlet ~ So Much More Than Just Online Flash Cards


Quizlet is an interactive online flash card and study tool that boasts more than 22 million users per month from grade school through grad school. You can create your own flash cards, or search through the 20 million sets of cards already available on the Quizlet site. One of the advantages to using Quizlet is the ability to study in four different ways;

1.)  FLASHCARDS – the traditional flash card method
2.)  LEARN – Quizlet gives you the word and you type the definition
3.)  SPELLER – Quizlet gives you the definition and you type the word
4.)  TEST – Quizlet will randomly generate a short answer/matching test for practice purposes.

And that’s not all! There are also two games (Scatter & Race) for those who prefer a gaming experience study method. For most of the study methods, Quizlet will keep track of the answers you missed, so you filter out the material you really need to concentrate on.

You may think it’s too much work to type in all those terms and definitions, but in the last update of the program, Quizlet incorporated the ability to automatically define your terms with just one click! How much easier does it get?

It’s also the perfect way to collaborate with other students in a study group. Set up an account and assign each member a certain set of vocabulary words, or pages. Once everyone has completed their assigned material, you’ll have a comprehensive study tool that can make studying just a little less tiresome. The site also includes an excellent HELP section with short simple explanations of each and every feature.

Give Quizlet a try. You just may save time and improve your exam grades.

Getting Started with Quizlet

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