Evernote:Online Storage & Note taking Program


Evernote (an online internet storage program) just hit 100 million users after only 6 years! What is Evernote? Think of it as an online virtual file cabinet that you can access from any device, anywhere and at anytime. You can organize and store videos, documents, images, articles you’ve clipped from a webpage with one click, basically any digital content that is important to you – – all in one place!

The important thing is to give some thought about how you want to organize the information you want to send to Evernote. I’ve tried a couple of methods; 1.) Setting up folders for different categories and 2.) Using the tag feature to tag each note. For me, using the tagging feature is my preferred method. It simplifies the organization for me and alleviates the need for me to figure out what folder(s) I want the information to appear in. If and article might apply to more than one category, for example a recipe can be tagged  with multiple tags such as “Recipe”, “Entree”, “Dairy-Free”. When you want to find it later you just search for one or more of the tags and pull up all content that you’ve tagged with those labels.

That’s just an overview. Evernote is feature filled. Over the next few months, I’ll post some of the additional features I use, some on a daily basis. Oh, and did I mention? It’s FREE! Check it out at www.evernote.com.

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