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RefMe is the leading and most accurate and easy Reference Manager tool that you can use on a desktop or with a mobile device as an APP. It works online with all browser and is available as an Android or iOS APP. It offers citations in over 7,500 styles, 30 of those are free.

If you choose to use it online, you can use it at or install the Chrome RefMe Web Clipper extension.

You can find some excellent mini-tutorials on the RefMe Youtube channel. NOTE: The first tutorial at this link has a music background that can be distracting and the video demonstration plays rapidly. However, the rest of the tutorials are super helpful and all but one are less than a minute long. They are broken down by specific types of citations, so you don’t have to watch a long video to find the one you want.

Do you need to collaborate with a group? No problem. RefMe has a Group Work feature that allows you to add others to your project so you can keep all references in one place.

Also, the handy Export feature allows you to easily export citations to multiple other apps, Word docs or with one click you can simply copy and paste your citation wherever you need it.

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